A single item or an entire estate.      How can we help you?

Consultation -   We'll meet in person, discuss your needs  and "walk through" your home together doing  our best to answer your questions.  The consultation may be a single service or it might be the first step in the appraisal process depending upon  what we discover and  what your needs are.   (Values for your items are not provided at consultations.)

Appraisal  Report A written appraisal report is the final product  of the appraisal process.  A qualified report is required for a variety of reasons. Our reports are prepared according to the standards and criteria put forth by the International Society of Appraisers and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices. Upon completion, we will supply you with a bound copy of the report as well as a loose copy or PDF version, whichever you prefer.  

Inventory - This is a record of your personal property. Together we'll decide which items should be included in your inventory and the amount of detail necessary or desired. Information provided might include photographs, object identification, age, materials, measurements, description, condition and provenance.  Information included in an inventory is often the "backbone" of an appraisal report.    While opinions of value are not provided in an inventory,  should you need an appraisal in the future, having an inventory in place could reduce the appraisal fee. 

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Market History - While no valuation is provided for your particular item, we will perform research on your item's market history analyzing completed sales of similar items.  

Research -  Offered to the professional and general public alike.  Research is performed using online sources and databases or on-site at museums and libraries throughout the Washington D.C. Metro area as needed or requested.